Tribute to Audrey Hepburn


AUDREY HEPBURN was a Belgian actress, model, dancer and activist of the twentieth century, who lived her childhood and adolescence in the midst of the greatest war in the history of mankind and reached the highest level in her profession, being the first actress of Hollywood to win an ÓSCAR, a GLOBE OF GOLD and a BAFTA AWARD for a single performance: “Holidays in Rome”.

The relevance of her style crossed borders, becoming an icon of elegance, simplicity and expressiveness. In addition, she gained international recognition for her work as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF collaborating with some of the most disadvantaged communities in Africa, South America and Asia.

From my Blog of Art The Biombo I paid tribute to Audrey Hepburn in an event held in Valladolid in October 2018, in which the songs of the Hollywood golden age films that the artist interpreted were remembered. Among them, her beloved “Moon River”.

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