The Artist’s Workshop at Museo Casa de Cervantes

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A look from the photographic archives of the Cultural Heritage Institute of Spain


The Artist’s Workshop is an exhibition made up of a selection of photographs depicting various creative spaces of painters and sculptors, in a chronological arc that runs from the last decade of the 19th century to the 1950s. They have been selected from among the photographic archives held at the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute, particularly the Moreno archive, which has an important and extensive collection devoted to this theme.

The photos of the studios and workshops can be considered authentic portraits of the artists that inhabit them, even when they are absent from the photographic images. They constitute a special kind of portrait, in which both the public and professional dimension of a person as well as their most private and personal aspect are brought together.

Curated by Isabel Argerich and Óscar Muñoz, the exhibition allows us to visualize the different realities that coexisted in Spanish art during the first half of the 20th century: from the most conservative, official and academic art, to the freshest and most innovative proposals, through a wide spectrum of individual paths in which the modern was intertwined with the heritage of classicism and Spanish painting of the golden age. Artists and works shown in their studies and workshops, through the chamber of outstanding masters of art photography in Spain.


Cultural Heritage Institute of Spain

Sub-Directorate General for the Promotion of Fine Arts

Ministry of Culture and Sports

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