Interview with Shira Barzilay (Koketit) about the Image of The Biombo Art Blog for 2021


Shira Barzilay, the creator of the brand Koketit (@koketit), is the Hebrew artist elected to design the Image of The Biombo Art Blog for 2021. With over 200.000 followers on Instagram, she was illustrated for Chanel, Anthropologie, Facebook, Amazon and many more.

In this post I share with all the art lovers that follow my personal blog, the interview that she granted me exclusively, because in the words of the author of this artwork: “I want to promote art and expose inspiration to the world”.

Shira Barzilay, the creator of the Image of The Biombo 2021

1- Tell us about your artwork. How did the idea of this image arise and what or who served as an inspiration?

My art work is very intuitive. It serves as a channel to bring out whatever I am feeling or thinking or imagining. Seing as I have a very vivid imagination, adding drawings over photographs enhances what I experience in my world of imagination. Though it I am telling a story, or finishing it, changing it, according to my own narrative. For this specific image- in my way of seeing things, this strong female larger than life being, is as fragile and affected by the wind.

I called the image: will he ever call.

2- What do you want to transmit through it?

I think a sense of empathy – where we all find ourselves sometimes waiting for something to happen even though the elements are already in movement. We feel as though we are standing still but yet, the clouds are always in movement, they are dynamic, and so are we. And so with this notion, nothing really lasts forever, even though it may seem otherwise.

3- How did you live the process of creating this artwork and what feelings has it emerged in you?

I had just broken up with a guy I was seeing, and my emotions were high. I think we all know this feeling of being in a no contact zone where you crave to hear from the other person yet you know, that you need to be stronger than that.

That girl, sitting on the cloud is me. Waiting but also being present in the moment, to be sure it does not pass me by without notice. Its hopeful.

“Will he ever call”. Image of The Biombo Art Blog for 2021. Artist: Koketit (Shira Barzilay)

4- What attracted you to collaborate with The Biombo?

Wanting to promote art and expose inspiration to the world.

5- What do you enjoy the most about Art?

Where do I start! I love how art is derived from my life – and helps me express and process my own intuition, thoughts, and feelings. There is a release in creation, where you feel almost worthy of the air and space you exist in. It makes everything have reason. Justified. When art is created, it’s surrounding become an accomplice, almost, because they inspired the art into being made. I feel as though everything connects and that is re-assuring.

When I create, there are stages I go through during this process and they teach me so much about myself and life. For instance – I know that when I become stressed, I cannot create – so I need to let go. After a while sometimes, I will become very inspired, as if lady muse has blessed me with her presence, and then I become very greatful and conscious of this good fortune. The frustrations that come with that are also very telling, and knowing that its not always going to be easy or good, but essential for the process.

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