Why you should buy original art?

Fortunately, the purchase of original paintings is increasingly on trend, fostered by a model of responsible and sustainable consumption that gives greater prominence to the authorship of artworks and the quality of the materials used in their manufacture. A new paradigm that displaces the model of compulsive consumption of prints, massively reproduced, that depersonalized and blurred the identification of the buyers with the paintings incorporated into art collections.

The Biombo joins the trend of sustainable development, which have been supported by art fairs such as Just MAD and interior design fairs such as Casa Decor this year, dedicating their 2020 edition to this public policy in Spain. Artists and interior designers have made the people aware of the importance of integrating crafts in homes and offices, promoting the reuse of materials, interior decoration with zero waste, and exteriorizing landscapes of pure and clean nature.

All the paintings that I promote on my art blog are unique original artworks or limited series, which allow to value the artists who make them, as professionals who create exclusive spaces where people can feel unique and unrepeatable and experience unforgettable and incomparable sensations. Contributing to a better world where social responsibility, respect and conservation of the resources that satisfy our needs, is a very special feeling that is within everyone’s reach. Get to know The Biombo paintings at the website! https://thebiombo.com/cuadros/


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