Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2019

Posted by Sara Sanz Aldea


“The best or nothing”


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (@mbfwmadrid) is the big catwalk for Spanish fashion that works as a platform to promote and expand it throughout the world. It’s organized by IFEMA (trade fair in Madrid) and is held twice a year in Hall 14.1 of Feria de Madrid and in different venues around the city. Their fashion shows include presentations for collections of the best designers of each moment, both renowned (in the general program) and young talents (in the EGO catwalk).

I had the chance to talk to one of the young talents after they had presented their Vernissage collection as part of the MBFW Madrid in the Palace of Duques de Pastrana. Fashion designer Arena Martínez (@arenamartinezofficialwas excited and proud for having been able to present a collection she had been working on with her team and especially with Papartus (@papartus_art), her father and one of her favorite artists, at such an internationally important event. [ INTERVIEW ]

“Vernissage” collection by designer Arena Martínez at the MBFW Madrid 2019

Check out this video to see the #MBFWMadrid2019 [WEB]


Finally, I wanted to show you all the 35 Renowned Fashion Designers that presented their collections in the general program for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2019. 

I was especially fascinated by the Chlorophyll Collection by the designer Hannibal Laguna, who I dedicated a post to, highlighting the mint green color that was in style for 2019/2020 and which he used for some of his dresses. [POST]

Chlorophyll Collection by designer Hannibal Laguna at the MBFW Madrid 2019
  1. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
  2. Ailanto
  3. Ana Locking
  4. Andrés Sarda
  5. Angel Schlesser
  6. Brain & Best
  7. Carlota Barrera
  8. Custo Barcelona
  9. Devota & Lomba
  10. Dolores Cortés
  11. Duarte
  12. Duyos
  13. Ernesto Naranjo
  14. Hannibal Laguna 
  15. Israel Rodríguez
  16. JC Pajares
  17. Juan Vidal
  18. Lexdeux
  19. Maison Mesa
  20. Marcos Luengo
  21. María Escoté
  22. María LaFuente
  23. María Ke Fisherman
  24. Miguel Marinero
  25. Moisés Nieto
  26. Oliva
  27. Palomo Spain
  28. Pedro del Hierro
  29. Pilar Dalbat
  30. Roberto Diz
  31. Roberto Verino
  32. Roberto Torretta
  33. Teresa Helbig
  34. The 2andSkinCo
  35. Ulises Mérida

Post written by Sara Sanz Aldea and translated by Andrea Barrocal Velasco

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