Marea Rosa (Pink Tide) rises in Valladolid

Posted by Sara Sanz Aldea

Valls Fortuny “Marea Rosa” (Pink Tide)’s artwork was loved so much in Valladolid that it ended up in the home of a couple of lovers about to get married.

I don’t know if it was the golden sparkles that dazzled them, or the love that the artwork transmitted, which made them feel identified. Receiving such a special personalized commission for the lives of some very dear people started out as a challenge, and it turned out to be a very enriching experience, one of those that goes straight to the soul. In the words of Valls Fortuny, only things that are done with soul make sense.

“Pink Tide” is inspired by the strength and light that the sea gives off in the most magical phase of the moon, the full moon, causing a pink tide that transmits positive energies and inner strength.

With this piece, Inés Valls Fortuny wishes to immortalize these synergies that happen on rare occasions, unique moments to release ballast and recharge. Through texture with clay and a palette of blue, green, pink and ivory pigments, she captures the upward movement of the tide that bathes a pink sand beach composed of its tiny corals. Pigments in old gold dot the sea, providing those characteristic glimpses of the sun when it bathes in the ocean and caresses the sand.

The initials of its owners, L & Q, bathed in golden pigment, are found coexisting on the seabed, as the greatest treasure to take care of, as well as the date of their marriage, discreet, but present, turning the artwork into a unique piece of art, created especially for them.

The original piece is painted on cotton canvas on a circular wooden frame measuring 90 centimeters in diameter. It is a ready piece signed on the front and ready to hang. As in all her work, beyond the decoration of a space, Valls Fortuny aims to convey sensations, awaken feelings.

Marea Rosa, Valls Fortuny’s artwork

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