Interview with Luz de la Calle about the image of The Biombo Art Blog for 2020

“The Biombo’s essence is her, Sara Sanz. Her elegance, beauty, effort and passion for art. All this is reflected in her special vision, from which she could see those who are still invisible.”

Luz de la Calle
Luz de la Calle and Sara Sanz with the image for The Biombo 2020

Luz de la Calle is an artist who’s given me good vibes from the moment I met her. That’s why I felt I had to ask her to design the image of The Biombo Art Blog for 2020.

Sara Sanz by Luz de la Calle’s airbrush

Apart from creating jaw-dropping works of art, I think all of her pieces are very special. They’re the living reflection of her sweetness, delicateness, sensitivity, elegance and good heart. She reappeared in my life at the perfect time, and has done an artistic work full of realism, feeling and meaning, and of which I’m very proud.

I feel very fortunate for having Luz as part of the group of artists who believed in and bet on The Biombo with what they did best: painting. And, just like in their work, they were able to see more than just a simple personal blog. Like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” This is the point of view from which we must look at the masterpiece by this artist from Valladolid.

1- Tell us about your artwork. How did you come up with the idea and what or who inspired you?

I met Sara at the presentation event for The Biombo 2019 calendar, which was based on movies from the 60s. We had to dress up like they did back then, so the first time we saw each other we were dressed like Audrey Hepburn (one of the many things we’ve got in common). So, I wanted to reference that moment, since it was the beginning of our bond.

2- What do you want to transmit with it?

I consider that the essence of The Biombo is her, Sara, her passion for art and beauty. That’s why I wanted to paint a portrait of her, but I wanted to do something more meaningful of what Sara and her blog represent for me, which is discovering artists who, just like myself, are new and still “invisible”. That’s why I highlighted her gaze by making it bigger, because she can see far beyond. I also wanted to represent her delicateness and elegance through fashion (another common passion), hence the lace.

3- You created two pieces, one with digital design and the other with airbrush. Why use two techniques?

At first, I started using a digital format since I find it much easier to begin with, to create the sketch, add, remove, test and Control + Z. And, since it was going to be mainly displayed on a screen, it seemed like the most appropriate choice. But later on, Sara told me that she wanted to have an exhibition with the originals at some point, which made me change my mind and think that for an expo I couldn’t just send a print. It had to be an original made with my airbrush. Whenever I go to an exhibition, what I like the most is seeing the artist’s hand, look closely at the piece and see the strokes, the techniques used, the pencil underneath, etc.

Digital design by Luz de la Calle inspired by Sara Sanz and Audrey Hepburn

4- How did you experience the whole creation process and what feelings bloomed in you?

From the beginning I made it my own and took it to my territory with the airbrush portrait, thus giving visibility to this technique, which is my favorite, and enjoying expressing my tastes, giving it a vintage touch with both the hairstyle and the details.

5- What do you think about the visibility given to artists’ pieces? Is having digital presence a must for any professional artist?

If they don’t see you, you don’t exist. That’s the way it works, and it makes sense. Digital presence is very important, it helps others discover you. However, there’s so much immediacy in the consumption of images nowadays that it can sometimes seem as if social networks turned these artworks into something very ephemeral. Either way, I think it’s a great tool that can really help artists.

6- What did you like about collaborating with The Biombo?

Being part of your group of artists was something hard to say no to, especially when given the freedom to design the blog’s image and for shining some light onto my work.

7- What do you enjoy the most about art?

Art is my best and most faithful companion, my refuge and what has given me the greatest satisfaction. When I finally get to paint with my airbrush, which isn’t as easy to do with all the daily hustle and bustle, the hours go by so quickly that I forget about everything else. But the best part is the feeling I have when I finish a piece, which is something I’ve never felt with anything else. It’s that satisfaction or I don’t know what to call it, but it makes me feel fulfilled, happy.

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Translated by Andrea Barrocal Velasco (

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