Lujuria XIII Ambivalencia Selectiva of Héctor Lara

Posted by Sara Sanz Aldea


Selective Ambivalence (Lust XIII) is a work of the artist Héctor Lara, which is part of his collection entitled “Lust.” With it, he intends to normalize the sexual aesthetics of women, detaching themselves from sensationalism and commercial fines through art.

Ambivalence is the possibility that we have two different values ​​or we can understand or interpret two different ways. It is also the mood in which two emotions or feelings coexist.

The woman’s body causes this interpretative duality. On the one hand, it can be understood as an artistic figure for its beauty and perfection. On the other hand, it can serve as a promotional object of goods and services for profit, by inciting sexual desire to encourage consumption.

Contemplation and commodification, reflection and immediacy, body and being, person and object. The woman in the advertising field enters this game of contrasts that the artist Héctor Lara intends to highlight through the work Selective Ambivalence, because as a spectator, you decide what value to select from the two that are attributed to the woman’s body. Do you know how to choose?

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