Interview with Miguel Vallinas about «El Biombo», Image The Biombo in 2022

Miguel Vallinas is a photographer from Medina del Campo (Valladolid) who proposes a reflective work on the conditioning factors of the human being in his search for identity and spirituality.

“El Biombo” is the work that the artist Miguel Vallinas has created to be part of The Biombo Collection.

In this interview, Miguel Vallinas opens his screen to make us discover the meaning hidden inside, as if it were a fortress, which protects us and at the same time hides us behind ourselves.

And before asking questions to the author of Work n. 6 from The Biombo Collection, I cannot help but thank you for having made such a personalized image with so much affection and that perfectly captures what for me is the meaning of the blog: «Many faceless people who are behind and who begin to stand out little by little ».

“Your interpretation of the image is completely correct and can be perfectly adapted to what you suggest,” says Vallinas.

1.- How did the idea of ​​this image come about and what or who served as inspiration?

In answer to your question about how the idea arises, it is precisely from this concept and the meaning and image that we associate screen. It arises from the very concept of the word. I thought of a solid and cold material like marble to build that fort in which you hide and behind which things happen. And indeed in which everything emerges and is sensed. Likewise, I wanted to show the artistic style that characterizes my work, hence the black background that is the nexus of all my photographs, as well as the surrealism present as a constant in all my work.

2.- What do you want to convey through this image?

Since I started working on this work, it was clear to me that I wanted to try to convey the feeling of hiding behind something, of hinting at what is happening behind a screen. It is a simile with what happens in many circumstances in life, since we hide behind ourselves. Hence the idea of ​​showing arms and legs that peek out while the rest of the body remains hidden.

3.- How did you live the process of creating this work of art and what feelings surfaced in you.

The creation process has been very intuitive for me, since I quickly established a connection between the screen as the main element and my work as the background. I have felt very comfortable in taking this photograph and somehow I identify with what happens in it.

4.- What was attractive to you about collaborating with The Biombo?

I am participatory. I like to be suggested and the freedom to interpret what is suggested. The idea that different artists make a work for The Biombo reflecting our own idea and artistic style is very attractive to me, since the results are as different as the people who make them.

5.- What do you enjoy the most about art?

Trying to synthesize it to the maximum, definitely what I enjoy the most with my work is being able to transform what I imagine and visualize into photography, being able to carry out all that mental process from the moment I think of an idea and little by little it defines itself and becomes a scene that I can photograph and work with lights, perspective and other elements.

Thank you very much for your artistic work, Miguel. Welcome to The Biombo Collection.

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