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Luis Moro (@arteluismoro) is an artist from Segovia (Spain) with a wide and diverse national and international career. Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery from Castilla y León has been with him for many years and has witnessed his successes. I was lucky to meet him at the 2019 edition of the Estampa Fair in Madrid and since then I follow his artworks of augmented reality.

Animals are a pretext to talk about other things, although the universe counts one of them in every little being.

Luis Moro

How does a Segovia artist end up in Mexico?

Exhibitions emerged in several Museums of Mexico: MAQ (Querétaro), Macay (Mérida), UDG Museum (Guadalajara) and Pinacoteca de Nuevo León (Monterrey), among others. And without programming it I was staying the last ten years with new cultural projects in which I have been participating.

You have made human installations based on your artworks. What makes this type of artistic action of great magnitude possible?

Live the interesting experience of coordinating two human actions with the march of women from Segovia, collaborating with the institutions and supporting the solidarity causes they promote. Very enriching.

I would like to highlight your interactive multimedia artwork. How is the concept of art changing by technologies such as 3D, videomapping, and augmented reality?

New technologies give a new dimension to art. They allow exploring a new territory in which the boundaries between the pictorial and the digital blur; which results in modifications in thinking, in conceiving and relating to the work of art. Hence, the viewer, when interacting with the new devices, can feel part of the work itself and discover new sensory experiences.

At the Estampa 2019 Fair, I liked to know your synergy with poetry, calling my attention the expression of your lithographs on paper biombos. What poets have you collaborated with and what is the attraction of this art on paper that combines history and geometry?

I have edited with Manuel Alegre, Mayrata, M.A.G. Municio, Poniatowska, Gamoneda and Ida Vitale among other suggestive poets.

You have worked with two generations of the Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery, settled in Aranda de Duero (Burgos). What do you think of the evolution of art galleries in Castilla y León and what initiatives would you propose for art to acquire more prominence in the region?

It is important the support of regional institutions to these art galleries to be able to participate in national and international fairs and events. And in this way, relaunch their artists and motivate the flow of contemporary art.

In which social networks can we find you and what is the website where you expose your professional career in the art world?

Instagram @arteluismoro

Thank you very much for giving me this interview exclusively for The Biombo, Luis. We uncork the biombo and discover your talent together.

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