Interview with Inés Valls Fortuny

Posted by Sara Sanz Aldea

Inés Valls Fortuny is an artist who reflects in her heavenly paintings the beauty that nature gives to us and that makes our hearts happy. In her interview for The Biombo, she transports us to other worlds, to fill us with positive energy and bring balance to our chaos.

1.- In what way does Art help you to overcome difficulties and obstacles in life?

Art transports me to another dimension, absorbs my mind and I just limit myself to letting myself be carried away by the brushes, their colors, their textures, their shapes. They rule, I let myself be carried away. It is total escape, a walk in the clouds, an immersion in the deep sea, a trip to the moon… everything is possible through painting. It is my absolute essence. I firmly believe that the art I transmit has healing powers, which is why I always invite people to give it a try. It is wonderful to get carried away.

2.- Your work of art is inspired by the elements of nature and the feelings that they provoke in us. Life and love. Calm and Passion. Movement and rest. Is this combination of emotions your philosophy of life?

Totally. Everything that moves in my world has to do with the emotions that life brings you. With love, but also with pain. With the euphoria, excitement and passion of feeling life at 200%. To calmly enjoy the beauty that nature gives us, we just have to stop and observe what surrounds us. Moments for everything. My collections are inspired by moments and places that I would like to stop in time and observe forever. I just paint what makes me happy.

3.- The sky, the ocean, the beach, the moon … are the elements that you reflect in works of art in which the golden and silver pigments stand out. In what state of mind do you seek to transfer the viewer of your landscapes?

My desire is to transmit positive feelings, escapes, feelings that transport you to other worlds. In short, to provoke a smile, to rejoice the hearts. Beyond dressing spaces, my greatest desire is to convey emotions to people through my works.

4.- You say that the artistic process is a dialogue in three dimensions: the message that you project, the message that the work transmits and the message that the art collector receives. How do you get the dialogue to flow?

That three-way dialogue flows spontaneously when the three of us speak the same language, and then, when the conversation just flows, it is the most wonderful thing that can happen to an artist. To be understood through painting. A language that goes beyond words. I love it when someone enters the studio and we start that abstract three-way conversation about what they perceive when they observe a work, what it transmits to them by itself, and finally, what I wanted to project onto it.

5.- What role does light play in your heavenly paintings?

Light is the absolute protagonist. Light brings magic. The light catches you. Light always triumphs within darkness. Light is hope and joy. I try to transmit that positive energy in all my collections.

6.- Most of your artistic pieces have been ordered by art collectors. What needs can such a personal work satisfy?

I can tell you about what I experience painting a work for a special corner, and above all, for specific people. I like to work very customized, to know their tastes, the orientation of the light, what they expect from the painting. For me it is highly satisfactory when clients come to the studio to pick up their piece, when I see their faces when I see it, it is a very special moment, very emotional, although I admit that I also spend a lot of nerves just before showing it to them. Sometimes I present a couple of options, because I think that the acquisition of a work that you are going to see every day in your house, should be a pure love affair, love at first sight. An investment in oneself, as a client told me a few months ago.

Thank you very much for granting me this interview for The Biombo. I hope you continue to achieve many successes in your career as an artist.

Thank you very much for your dedication and passion for what you do. For your unconditional support for culture and that love of art so pure that you give off. Thanks. Inés.

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