Interview with Héctor Lara

Héctor Lara is a young painter and sculptor from the city of Linares (Jaén), who is currently living in Valencia. This 3D artist seeks to find exclusivity with his art, through a unique and innovative discourse, bringing harmony and meaning to his artistic creations.

When did your passion for art start?

My passion for art comes from the day I was born. I think you are born with it. My parents say that in my childhood I used to draw and make crafts. I always had something to do or something to create, I was very restless in that sense. I have the need to create my own world, to create art after all, to discover new ways of doing it and to experiment with new techniques.

• Which are the characteristics of a versatile artist?

It is the concern in all the branches of art: painting, drawing, sculpture, music, dance … It is true that the artist who specializes in a single subject have more knowledge about it, but the versatile artist has a more general and enriching knowledge.

Why do you think that LixPen, one of the largest multinational developers of 3D technology, showed interest in sponsoring an artist like you?

I guess because of the originality of my works and the professionalism with which I work. They provide me with all the necessary material, but the most important thing about it is to know that I have behind my back a company that supports me and endorses my work.

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to meet you, Hector. I wish you much success in your personal and professional projects. Welcome to The Biombo.

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