In Chiqui Zulueta Photography | Portraits with Personality inside Susa’s Dressing Room

Posted by Sara Sanz Aldea


“I need to be constantly learning, I am very curious, I love to experiment and invent new things without fear of the result”

Chiqui Zulueta

It was curiosity and the need of experiencing new things, which led me to participate in a creative portrait photography session, orchestrated by the Valladolid architect and photographer Chiqui Zulueta, with some of the clothes that the fashion designer from Valladolid Susana Miller kept with more affection in her dressing room: El Vestidor de Susa

Apart from this, I was moved by the responsibility of promoting The Biombo blog hat I had just undertaken and that I wanted to be more visited, with two languages ​​per flag: Spanish and English.

It was precisely an Australian magazine the one that encouraged me to live this exciting experience for the first time two years ago , which consisted of representing in myself the Fine Arts, such as Art, Music, Literature, Cinema and Photography , as well as those that I considered an essential part for its strengthening: Law, Technology, Gastronomy and Fashion.

In this way, I echoed my passions, displayed my creativity and paid tribute to all those professionals who launched themselves like me into the adventure of entrepreneurship.

Nine themes that have accompanied me since then and that have created beautiful memories in my mind.

Below you will find the photos that symbolize the Art and Culture that I promote every day, because for me, the same as for Chiqui Zulueta,

“Creativity and imagination are an important part of my life.”

Chiqui Zulueta
Sara Sanz. Chiqui Zulueta Photography
“CINEMA”. Chiqui Zulueta Photography

“For me it is important to create an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy, complicity and trust”

Chiqui Zulueta
“TECHNOLOGY”. Chiqui Zulueta Photography

“The path of life is not flat, but it is full of exciting curves that always bring us something positive and make us grow and grow stronger and better to enjoy life”

Sara Sanz
“MUSIC”. Chiqui Zulueta Photography

“Music is the branch of the fine arts that attracts me the most for its universal character and for what it generates in us: emotions. You can listen to it, you can sing it, you can dance with her. It accompanies you, comforts you, encourages you, awakens your imagination and sets you free. ”

Sara Sanz
“COMMUNICATION”. Chiqui Zulueta Photography

“Only by giving our best, we manage to be ourselves. ”

Sara Sanz
“ART”. Chiqui Zulueta Photography

“Life ends up returning us, sooner or later, what we project in it, and in my case it was art”

Sara Sanz
“FASHION”. Chiqui Zulueta Photography

“Passions, those impulses that make their way from the deepest of our interior, those engines of our life that are born from the heart and that always lead us in the best direction.”

Sara Sanz
“LAW”. Chiqui Zulueta Photography

Every day is a new opportunity to reinvent yourself, rediscover yourself and explore the world around us. We are constantly changing, constantly evolving and learning. Let’s take advantage of every moment of life with all our energy, enjoying what we do and sharing our joy with others. Without starting from scratch, starting over ”

Sara Sanz
“PHOTOGRAPHY”. Chiqui Zulueta Photography

“There are many things that I love about photographers: their infinite curiosity, their desire to explore to discover new horizons and their ability to capture reality in a restless and constant way.”

Sara Sanz
“GASTRONOMY”. Chiqui Zulueta Photography

“Life is a matter of perspective. Repeat those moments that make you smile”

Sara Sanz
“LITERATURE”. Chiqui Zulueta Photography

“I am deeply interested in the creative part of people, which is externalized in the world of culture. It is the part in which people determine their own rules and make use of their abilities to express their emotions and share them with others, which is what makes us fulfil ourselves ”.

Sara Sanz

“The photographs remind you of how you feel at a certain moment in your life, making it a memory that will remain indelible with the passage of time”

Chiqui Zulueta

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