Hector Lara at MBFWM 2022

Posted by Sara Sanz Aldea

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid is the reference event for Spanish fashion and the great exponent of author fashion in our country.

This year I had the honor of attending, together with my artist Héctor Lara, the Pilar Dalbat fashion show held on March 10 at the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM).

Art, Architecture, Heritage and Fashion are the transversal axes of the Andalusian firm, which can be seen in collaborations such as the one made visible at the MBFWM by the fashion designer with the artist from Linares. Both have participated in the development of 3D garments and accessories that have craftsmanship, geometry and a deep love for their land as common elements.

The layers made with a 3D printing pen by the artist Héctor Lara dazzled the public present at the event, both for the novelty of the material used, and for the voluptuousness of the movement on the catwalk. Héctor Lara bets this time on this artistic piece after passing through the Jaén Fashion Week 2021, in which he made visible the collaboration with the fashion designer Elena Quesada, who included 3D hats and earrings in her Mirra collection.

The “Taracea” winter 2023 collection by Pilar Dalbat brings the viewer closer to this craft, a jewel of the Intangible Heritage of Andalusia in danger of extinction. Coats, overshirts and vests in doubleface and vegan shearling trimmed in fluorine, tricolor capes, the brand’s icon, in velvet and neoprene make up the winteriest part of the collection. Pants in virgin wool, crêpes and metallics are hand-embroidered with methacrylate and glass beads and combine with knitted sweaters, neoprene sweatshirts and scarves, also hand-embroidered. Skirts in richly decorated virgin wool or silk taffeta combine with natural silk blouses and tops.

Pilar Dalbat reaffirms once again a way of making slow fashion collections, defending author fashion and 100% made in Spain. For his part, Héctor Lara reaffirms himself once again in a new form of interactive art that is capable of establishing a physical dialogue with the human body. Author fashion thus becomes a philosophy of life, and Héctor Lara, the fashion artist.

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