Habanera Colón: A Universe of Sensation


“You don’t remember the days, but the moments”

Cesare Pavese
Habanera is one of the Larrumba group’s restaurants in Madrid

Located in the city centre of Madrid (Calle Génova 28), HABANERA, created by the Larrumba group, has a total of 11 restaurants. 900m2 of colonial style are developed with the idea of ​​offering a different space for chilling out.

The result is a spectacular place that revolves around a patio inspired by Cuban colonial architecture. In this 8-meter-high courtyard, the old facades of Havana are reinterpreted through a perforated metal mesh, warm lighting and vegetation that recreate the tropical environment and the optimism of the Cuban capital.

The woods, the fabrics with vegetal motifs, a careful lighting and the use of the vegetation generate a space where interior and exterior are confused and that it is enveloped by the wonderful view that is obtained from Madrid’s Plaza de Colón.

Habanera Madrid restaurant. Photography: Sara Sanz

In this wonderful colonial restaurant I had the pleasure of tasting three of the delicious dishes listed on the menu. My choices were the following:

1- Cuban style rice, consisting of a base of rice, casalva bacon, mashed plantain, semi-dried tomato sauce and country egg.

Cuba style rice. Photography: Sara Sanz

2– Cheek cannelloni, roasted sweet potato puree and port sauce.

Cheek cannelloni. Photography: Sara Sanz

3– Maria biscuit cake, chocolate and lacasitos.

Maria cookie cake. Photography: Sara Sanz

“Once a year go to a place you’ve never been before”

Dalai Lama
Habanera is a colonial style restaurant located in the heart of Madrid

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