1.- What is The Biombo?

My personal blog of Art and Interior Design in Spain. Biombo is the English equivalent of screen.

2.- What is The Biombo Collection?

This private art collection incorporates a new artwork created exclusively for the blog by a different artist each year.

3.- What are The Biombo Paintings?

These are personalized artworks that I order to my artists to dress the art collectors’ spaces.

4.- Who are The Biombo Artists?

The artists who entrust me with the promotion of one or two of their paintings that I choose as my favourite ones.

5.- What do you do as an Art Lawyer?

I represent several artists, showing their artworks to site owners who may be interested in contracting with them.

6.- What are The Biombo Exhibitions?

The art exhibitions that I promote of the artists who entrust me with their representation in public and private art locations in Valladolid (Spain).

7.- Who is The Biombo Agenda aimed at?

This agenda is intended for art collectors who want to maximize their artistic experience in Spain throughout the year.

8.- What are The Biombo Interiors?

The interiors that exhibit some artwork from The Biombo Collection or The Biombo Paintings and that establish a collaboration with me.

9.- Why are The Biombo Interviews so attractive?

Because it is a close way to get to know better the art professionals and interior designers and to create a community in Spain.

10.- What did The Biombo at Home initiative consist of?

It consisted of more than 50 interviews with artists, interior designers and art galleries that I made online during the national confinement decreed by COVID-19 in 2020.

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