Do you need a talent agent?

Posted by Sara Sanz Aldea

It depends. There are artists who want and can get a private representative and others who prefer to pursue a solo career or with the support of art galleries.

Whichever option you choose, I consider it interesting that you know the importance of the figure of the artistic representative.

The job is to act on behalf of the clients to establish collaborations with different agents of the art market, promoting their work or their image and consolidating a reputation that sustains a promising trajectory in the world of decoration.

The artistic representatives carry out very diverse tasks and all of them together manage to gradually increase the artist’s price in the art market, making them more and more known and more in demand and their works more and more desired and collected by a select circle of people.

They organize exhibitions, manage contracts and advise artists on the strategy to follow to create trends with their production. In addition, freeing artists from these legal and communication tasks gives them more time to concentrate on the realization of their artistic work, which is what they enjoy the most.

Anyone can be a worthy candidate to represent artists, but there are certain qualities that you have to value more. You have to find the right one! You are looking for a creative, enthusiastic, constant person, with communication skills, who is passionate about art, who is curious to learn, who has strategic thinking and emotional intelligence, and if possible, knowledge of law. You will need it! And above all, trust someone who believes in you and your possibilities for development as an artist. It is faith in people that makes them great.

Worried about not being able to pay the fees?

Do not worry about the money! Artistic representatives have an investment mindset and know to wait. You will only have to tax your work with a small commission to pay them for their work in case of sale. If you win, they will win. It is a win-win relationship, in which everyone wins. This is the best guarantee of how much effort your representative will do so that you can both reap the fruits of your work.

One of the most attractive questions to hire a representative in the art world is their portfolio of contacts. And believe me, you will need them if you want to make a dent in this demanding world. They are people who regularly interact with art collectors, galleries, interior designers, businessmen, civil servants and journalists and who will help you get professional promotion opportunities.

Is it you in the newspaper, on the radio or on TV? If you have a representative, the chances of appearing in the media will skyrocket. Your talent agent is good at public relations, and when you least expect it, you will marvel at your work in exhibitions and in the top collections in Spain and around the world.

Make yourself visible on social media, at art and interior design fairs and exhibitions. Who knows if a Larry Gagosian might be looking to represent an artist like you!

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