Birdman, the fetish artwork of the Spanish artist Héctor Lara

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What mystery hides inside?


On February 18, 2019, after two years of intense work, the artist Héctor Lara completed “Birdman” in Valencia, which is his fetish artwork.

“Birdman”, the fetish artwork of the artist Héctor Lara

This piece is integrated into the artistic current of hyperrealism, which emerged in the late 1960s and is based on the faithful, almost photographic reproduction of reality.

To make his portraits in black and white, Lara reaches a degree of subconsciousness in which his mind merges directly with his hand and his art brush for long hours until the artwork appears almost through a magical creation.

In fact, it was the magic that inspired the creation of “Birdman”, an artwork extracted from an ancient Mexican myth, which speaks of the existence of beings that have the ability to transform into animals, the Nahuales. Héctor Lara has a lot of attachment to this artwork, since it has taken him more than two years to complete it, in which he has approached it in phases, when he felt able to give his maximum performance, studying in detail the brushstrokes he had to give, the shape, the loading of paint material, the superposition of layers, etc.

In the words of the artist: “It is a work that has required me to superimpose a greater amount of layers with respect to the rest of the works, by the amount of plumage that surrounds the bird man; a plumage that comes out of the head, the neck, the sleeves of his shirt, the pocket of his jacket … ”– Héctor Lara

What most attracts the attention of this artwork is the look of “Birdman“, which is mutating at the same time; a penetrating, expressive and hard look that sticks in the spectator, introducing him into the magical world in which the feathered one is; a work that impacts and makes one wonder what mystery this mythological character hides, worthy of the most distinguished art collectors.

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