Biombo by Óscar González, Image of The Biombo fo 2017

Posted by Sara Sanz Aldea

In October 2016 I founded my Cultural Blog of interviews with the name of The Biombo, with the aim of discovering passions and developing mine.

Óscar González is the creative person, who not only created the image that has been the identity of my blog since then, but also constitutes the first work in The Biombo art collection.

An image has the ability to identify you, to talk about you and to differentiate yourself from others. An image has the power to enhance the imagination to the point of giving rise to the creation of as many projects as resources and capacities are allocated to them.

Óscar is moved by challenges, difficulties, solidarity and the illusion to create a better future and this spirit is what he has deposited in this screen that he donated to support the culture sector that we love so much.

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