Art Galleries in Castilla y León


Castilla y León is one of the regions with the richest Cultural Heritage in Spain. Despite this, earlier this year, a devastating fact for the private art sector was published in El Norte de Castilla Newspaper: there are only 25 art galleries to supply the artistic needs of nearly 2,500,000 inhabitants.

This situation of imbalance, in relation to other Spanish autonomous communities such as the Community of Madrid, the Community of Catalonia or the Valencian Community, where a large number of art galleries, artists and international art events are concentrated, places the region of Castilla y León in the need to have entities that specially promote Art and Culture in the autonomous territory.

Fortunately, there is still an art gallery based in Aranda de Duero (Burgos), which actively participates in the main art fairs of the national and international scene. This is the Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery, whom I had the opportunity to meet in the last edition of the Estampa Fair in Madrid, which promotes Castilian-Leon artists such as Diego Benéitez and Luis Moro.

Also, from my art blog The Biombo, which is born in Valladolid, I try to make discover the artistic diversity that exists in Spain and to attract attention to my region, Castilla y León, to give greater visibility to its artistic and cultural wealth.

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