The Biombo 2020 Report


Art always provides a vision of the world, which is renewed every year. 2020 has been a year determined by the health crisis derived from COVID-19, which has affected sectors dependent on the physical presence of their clients, such as the art sector, which as a consequence, has accelerated the digitization process to reinforce the online communication channel.


The Public Communication displayed in 2020 through The Biombo Art Blog began in March with the review of the main international art fairs that take place in Madrid every year, such as Feria Arco, Art Madrid, Just Mad and Casa Decor. Later on, there were Urvanity, Drawing Room, Hybrid, HotElle Decoration, Artist and SAM. Among all of them, special mention received the Art Madrid Fair, which in 2020 celebrated its 15th Anniversary.

The exhibitions that were reviewed were Art Galleries Silvestre, Natalia Gomendio, Rafael Ortiz, Javier López y Fer Francés, José de la Mano, A Ciegas, Marlborough, Est Art Space, Rodrigo Juarranz, Zielinsky, SendaRafael, La Maleta and Arte Mayor 44.

On an institutional level, it was highlighted on an international level the exhibition Making The Met for the 150th anniversary of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and at the national level the 15th Anniversary of the MUSAC in León and the AR&PA 2.0 Biennial of Cultural Heritage in Valladolid, as well as the exhibition by Keith Haring at the Museo de La Pasión in Valladolid and by Diego Rivera at Casa México in Madrid.


In 2020, the The Biombo Paintings Ranking began to be elaborated with 16 works by 12 artists according to the preferences of the followers of this blog of contemporary art. These featured artists are Carol Moreno, Héctor Lara, Natha Piña, Amélie Ducommun, Cho Yea Jae, Luz de la Calle, Jorge Regueira, Koko Che Jota, Richard Le Manz, Rubén Torras, Raquel Mora and Annita Klimt.

The 3D artist Héctor Lara was especially distinguished with the review of his first individual exhibition “Universe” in the Espacio Joven of Valladolid, promoted by The Biombo, which received diffusion in Arte Informado, Más Castilla y León, Cultural Agenda of the Junta de Castilla and León, La Guía Go, Diario Jaén, Diario Ideal, El Eco de Valdepeñas and Televisión Linares, and an art critic in Tribuna Valladolid.

In the interview area, Israeli artist Shira Barzilay explained the creative process of the artwork “Will he ever call” that she donated to The Biombo Collection and conversations about art were held with gallerists, artists and interior designers during the confinement decreed with the first state of alarm in Spain through the initiative The Biombo en Casa.

In the area of ​​Art Law, the content of legislative instruments in process was explained, such as the Patronage Law and the Artist Statute, and reflections on intellectual property, temporary assignment of the use of public properties, sale of art, heritage were shared. culture, sexist advertising and fundamental rights such as liberty, freedom of movement, assembly and health. In addition, my incorporation to the ADA Association for Art Law was announced.


The celebration of the Fourth Anniversary of The Biombo Art was devoted to the Program of exhibitions organized around the Centenary of the birth of the Valladolid novelist Miguel Delibes, and The Biombo Art Collection was expanded with the image “Will he ever call”, made by the Israeli artist Shira Barzilay (Koketit), a work that was added to “El Biombo” by Óscar González, “La Musa” by Dani Mayo, “El Cerebrazón” by Ilustrando Art and “Seeing beyond” by Luz de la Calle.

Among the objectives that The Biombo proposes to achieve in the 2025 horizon is the promotion of art collecting in Spain through the exhibition and commercialization of The Biombo Paintings and the defense of the interests of art professionals in Spain who trust at The Biombo.

From the satisfaction of being carrying out a work to promote contemporary art and interior design in Spain, especially necessary in Communities such as Castilla y León, which have a ratio of 25 art galleries for 2,419,000 inhabitants, we say goodbye to 2020 wishing the readers of this art blog happy Christmas and a prosperous year 2021.

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