The Biombo 2019 Report


Art always provides a new world view every year.


The Public Distribution displayed in 2019 through The Biombo Art Blog began in March with the review of the main international art fairs that take place in Madrid every year, such as Feria Arco, Art Madrid, Just Mad and Casa Decor. Later on, it was Estampa in October, FIG Bilbao and Marte in November, and Pinta Miami and Untitled in December.

The exhibitions that were reviewed were Galerías de Arte DDR, A Ciegas, Silvestre, Rafael Ortiz and José de la Mano in Madrid, Rodrigo Juarranz in Aranda de Duero, Galería Zielinsky in Barcelona and Es Arte in Marbella, which were the ones that towered among a total of 51 galleries in Spain and in the whole world.

On an institutional level, the Bicentennial of the Museo del Prado, the “Balenciaga y la pintura española” exhibition at the Thyssen Museum, and the “Miró y Brossa. 100 years” exhibition at Las Francesas exhibition hall in Valladolid with pieces of art that had been given by the Joan Prats gallery and the “El Oro de Klimt” exhibition at the Pabellón de la Navegación in Seville. Another 34 museums were also highlighted, with special mention to Spain.


The work of several artists from Valladolid were also pointed out, such as Félix Huete y Miguel Vallinas, and artists from other Spanish regions like Maribel Binimelis, Monika Buch, Lugán, Almudena Lanceolada, Marcos Tamargo, Diego Benéitez, Luis Moro, Evangelina Esparza, Virginia Rivas, Jose A. Vallejo, Roberto López Martín, David HerasAnnita Klimt, David Delgado Ruiz, Raul Casassola, Yamandú Canosa, Joao Farkas, Leonardo Finotti and Joaquín Lalanne.

Jaén artist Héctor Lara was especially highlighted with reviews on his work, which consist of 3D drawings, hyperrealistic portraits, golden sculptures and video installations, with a special mention of his work “Birdman” and its culmination in 2019, and the artistic remodeling of the General Hospital of Valencia.

The Biombo has also covered interviews. We’ve had conversations about Art with the gallery owner Graciela Devincenzi of Alba Cabrera in Valencia, the fashion designer Arena Martínez in Madrid, the interior decorator for Decomondo, the Valladolid artists Luz de la Calle and Maribel Calvo Santiago, and the Segovian artist Luis Moro.

In the area of political-artistic reflections, we talked about Color as a political symbol, with special mention to the French artist Yves Klein, and facing the concepts of individual freedom and public safety. There were also references to walls around the world, which mainly revolved around the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Gender equality was also a highlighted subject, with special mention to Frida Kahlo as an honored female artist in the international art market, and the exhibition “Lust” by artist Héctor Lara as criticism of how women are treated like sexual objects in the field of advertising.


The celebration of the Third Anniversary of Art The Biombo was established 500 years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci and The Biombo Art Collection expanded with “Viendo más allá” by the Valladolid artist Luz de la Calle, which became an addition to other pieces of art like Óscar González’s “Biombo”, “Cerebrazón” by Ilustrando Art and the “Muse” by Dani Mayo.

Some of the objectives The Biombo wants to achieve by 2025 is the consolidation of a permanent communication alliance with the largest number of agents in the art market, the search for artists interested in being part of The Biombo Art Collection and finding the ideal space for the exhibition of the nine artworks that it’ll have by the year 2025.

From the satisfaction of being involved in the promotion of art and culture, especially necessary in regions such as Castile and León, which has 25 art galleries for 2.419.000 inhabitants, we bid the year 2019 farewell and wish all our readers the best holidays and a happy new year in 2020.

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