10 Curiosities about The Biombo Art Blog


1- The Biombo was born as a personal blog of cultural interviews, inspired by fashion

2- The first interview was published on the web on October 9, 2016, being celebrated the first anniversary of its birth in 2017

3- The Biombo came to promote nine categories of culture until 2018: art, fashion, music, gastronomy, literature, technology, photography, cinema and law

4- The Biombo Calendar was made every year to promote ten cultural personalities, with an artistic cover of a different illustrator

5- The Biombo Awards gala was organized to recognize creativity with ten chocolate awards

6- The Biombo has inspired the creation of a Cocktail

7- The Biombo was about to derive in a company of advertising and organization of cultural events for the professional promotion of artists

8- In 2018 Cámara Abierta 2.0 TV Program of Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) became interested in the project and issued an interview with its creator Sara Sanz in a program with an audience of 600,000 viewers

9- In The Biombo Anniversaries an artwork was always raffled

10- The name The Biombo is a sign to the English-speaking public for the internationalization of a project based in Spain. Biombo is still translated as room divider

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